After the official release of WoW TBC Classic, players can travel through the Dark Portal to Outland to protect Azeroth from the invasion of demons. This period of time gives the player plenty of time to reach the highest level and start acquiring or making equipment. As a special weapon in the WOW Classic TBC Gold game, Deep Thunder is highly sought after by players.

If players want to know how to get Deep Thunder in the game, they can continue to read the following guide. It can help players find a way to obtain this weapon in WoW TBC. The blacksmith is the only person in the game who can make this two-handed hammer. 

If the blacksmith is a Horde or Ironforge and Stormwind, if they are an alliance, the blacksmith can obtain patterns from various weaponsmith trainers in Orgrimmar. Or, you can find the weapon forge trainer Kradu Grimblade in Shattrath City.

The blacksmith must reach level 375 and possess three components to obtain this weapon. The first weapon is Thunder, which can be crafted with 20 primitive air and water, 6 hardened Adamantite ingots, and 12 Krypton ingots. After Thunder is made, they will need eight primitive voids and ten primitive mana.

This weapon is one of the best weapons in the warrior and paladin WOW TBC Gold game. It has the opportunity to stun the target for four seconds when it hits the target. This is a weapon that any of these professions will use. 

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