Nowadays, most car users will use the magnetic gps tracker, but many people think that GPS is the GPS navigator in the car. And the functions of the two are a bit similar, both are used for positioning. However, when it comes to use, the difference between the two is big, and the price difference is not small. Today, I will tell everyone about the cost composition of the magnetic gps tracker when it comes to cost. We must first talk about the composition of the magnetic gps tracker, which is the cooperation of hardware and software in order to exert its effects.

The hardware, which is the host terminal we get, is used to install on the car; the software is the app that needs to be downloaded on our mobile phone, so that we can check the location of the car at any time on the mobile phone. The cost of software and hardware constitutes the main price content of the magnetic gps tracker, and of course the charging situation of the S1M card. When we buy a magnetic gps tracker, we must ask about the software and hardware charges: the hardware price, generally speaking, 100-200 yuan is a common market price. There are also parts in the range of 300-500. For example, the magnetic gps tracker of 4G terminals is more expensive, and the cost of 4G products is much higher. Everyone chooses according to the price in their hearts. Don't be fooled by some packages of merchants and bought some impractical things.

Software, software fees are what we call platform usage fees. When the magnetic gps tracker market was just booming, there was such a project as platform fees. Generally, after you have used it for a year, you need to pay tens to hundreds, or even hundreds to thousands of platform fees to the dealers to continue using the software's functions. This fee can extend your access for 1 year, 2 years, several years or long-term. But by 2020, most of the GPS platforms sold by manufacturers are long-term, and there is no need to pay annual platform fees in the future. However, it is not excluded that very few businesses will play some word games to deceive consumers. I hope that when you buy, you must ask if the platform usage fee will cause multiple charges in the future use. If so, give up decisively.

The traffic fee of the SIM card is the last component of the magnetic gps tracker fee. The SIM card is installed in the GPS positioning terminal and uses the traffic to upload the latitude and longitude of the location to the platform. Generally, the monthly traffic does not exceed 30M, and the traffic consumption is very small, as long as you pay the card regularly.

The cost of magnetic gps tracker is composed of three parts: hardware cost, software cost, and SIM card traffic cost. When you buy a magnetic gps tracker, these three parts of the cost are taken into consideration. Don't exceed the original budget when you buy it.